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Vaser Lipo

If you have areas of your body that you would like to change, but are concerned about the risks of traditional liposuction, then Vaser Lipo may be the answer for you. Pure LipoSculpt Center offers minimally invasive Vaser Lipo. Vaser Lipo is gentler than traditional liposuction and requires less downtime following the procedure. Whether you want to slim down your abdomen, arms, hips, flanks (love handles) or thighs, Vaser Lipo can help.

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During Vaser Lipo, the area that is to be reshaped is first filled with a saline solution. This solution helps to both numb the area and cause the blood cells to shrink, minimizing bruising. Next, a probe is inserted that uses ultrasound waves to break up the fat cells under the skin. This revolutionary technology isolates the fat cells while preserving the tissues of the body. Once the fat has been heated and liquefied, Dr. Denzel uses a gentle suction wand to remove the fat from the body.

Following your Vaser Lipo treatment, it is normal to have some swelling and discomfort. Dr. Denzel will give you detailed instructions that will help you to heal as quickly as possible. Many patients report seeing results immediately after the procedure, but it is important to remember that you will see optimal results approximately three to four months after having Vaser Lipo. The heat from the Vaser causes skin to tighten over the course of six months post procedure, leaving little to no sagging skin depending on your case.

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