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Pure LipoSculpt Center offers SuperSculpt Liposuction. SuperSculpt is a great new procedure that can produce, and mimic, the appearance of both a toned and athletic body. No matter how often you may exercise, certain stubborn areas can seem almost impossible to remedy. By combining multiple techniques, such as Superficial Liposuction and Deep LipoSculpting, a uniform and appealing body shape can be easily achieved.

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Superficial Liposuction aims at reducing body fat, which is primarily sitting just under the skin’s surface. Skin will then become tighter and smoother as a result of the procedure, which in turn enhances the overall look you are trying to achieve. Using Deep Liposculpting, the body is then physically shaped by removing excess fat or contouring it in specific areas to make your body more visually appealing.

The incisions created for these procedures are extremely small, and leave little to no scarring behind. Healing from a SuperSculpt procedure can take anywhere from three to four weeks, and activities can be slowly returned to after the first few days. The results created from this treatment will be noticed immediately, and minor imperfections and fat deposits will be improved both quickly and effectively.

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