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Northern Colorado Breast Augmentation

At Pure LipoSculpt Center, we provide affordable Northern Colorado breast augmentation to patients who seek to improve and enhance the shape of their breasts or to enlarge their cup size. Women may also choose Northern Colorado breast augmentation in order to correct unevenness or drooping in breasts due to pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss.

The type of procedure that we ultimately perform for your augmentation is completely dependent upon the reason that you are choosing to have breast augmentation surgery. At your initial consultation, Dr. Denzel will discuss all of your options with you, leading you to the best treatment to reach your desired look. After Vaser Lipo is performed, he will harvest donor fat, then filter it for refinement and to remove impurities. The fat will then be injected into the layers of breast tissue through one or two, two-millimeter incisions in each breast. This is performed with blunt syringes and cannulas so that no damage is done to nerves or blood vessels. When the fat is injected, it is layered from the pectoralis major muscle up through the top of the breast, allowing the fat injections to shape the breasts. This provides a more natural appearance and feel overall.

Northern Colorado breast augmentation will be performed under local anesthetic and can be done in as quickly as two hours. Following the surgery, you must wear a support bra for approximately three weeks following your surgery. Initially, it can appear as though your breasts are sitting higher, but after a few weeks, they will reposition themselves naturally. Soreness and pain from the procedure can last for a few days, but you should be completely healed and ready to show off your new body after about 4 weeks.