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Pure LipoSculpt Center offers LipoSculpt in Colorado. LipoSculpt is a great and innovative procedure that sculpts your natural figure, instead of trying to solely reduce unwanted fat. Some areas of the body are typically prone to difficult or stubborn fat, the lower abdomen and thighs, in particular. LipoSculpt not only diminishes fat, but it also can aid in the reduction of cellulite, which is a common occurrence in women.

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LipoSculpt works by utilizing Vaser Lipo or SmartLipo technologies. These help remove fat that has accumulated inside of the body. The canulas used in LipoSculpt are extremely tiny and barely felt during the procedure, which is usually completed in less than two hours.

Most patients require only one treatment per area to remove all of the unwanted fat. Results are seen immediately, and continue to progress after the procedure. The LipoSculpt treatment is permanent, and will not need to be repeated, since once fat cells are removed they will not replenish in the same area again.

With an extremely high success rate, LipoSculpt is the best way to get the results you’ve wanted without harsh or invasive procedures. Patients can return to normal activities within days of treatment, and side effects are usually nothing more than some mild tenderness and swelling.

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