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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are You Experiencing ANY Of these Symptoms?

HRT can address all of those symptyms

Pure LipoSculpt Center offers Hormone Replacement Therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, is any type of hormone therapy that involves patients receiving a supplement of hormones or an introduction of new hormones into their systems. HRT can be utilized to treat many different issues such as menopause, loss of sexual desire, andropause, low testosterone and many more. It is a safe process that should only be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Denzel.

Hormone Replacement Therapy was founded on the scientific basis that through the addition of hormones into one’s system doctors could prevent the onset of age-related disorders and issues. Menopause is often treated with HRT in order to reduce the effect of menopausal symptoms. During HRT for menopause, your hormone levels are artificially increased, and you will begin to feel lesser effects of your diminishing natural hormone levels. In men, HRT is used to prevent signs of aging, increase libido and energy, and to give them a youthful outlook on life.

Dr. Denzel performs a consult, exam and runs labs on every patient interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Once the lab results come back, he contacts the patient to discuss the result and with what medications he recommends for the best results.

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