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Hand Rejuvenation

At Pure LipoSculpt Center we offer the most up-to-date Hand Rejuvenation techniques to eliminate the unwanted effects of aging. A wrinkled, bony hand with deep creases or folds can make evident an advanced age even though the patient’s external appearance has been rejuvenated through additional cosmetic procedures.  As a result, plastic, dermatological and cosmetic doctors have expanded techniques to make hands also look younger.  A few practitioners use dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm but find the longer lasting method proves to be fat transfer via injection which is reported to last for years.

Fat Transfer for Hand Rejuvenation is a simple, quick and virtually painless procedure.  A small amount of local anesthetic is injected into the hands to help with comfort.  Next, using a small needle and syringe, a small amount of fat is extracted from somewhere on your body.  Most people have extra fat somewhere, and more often than not, more on one side that the other.  The fat is then injected into the hands through small 1.5mm incisions.

The amount of fat used for Hand Rejuvenation differs depending on the severity of wrinkles.  Most patients can go back to directly back to work after taking an extended lunch to have the treatment done.  Patients may feel some tenderness and soreness along with minor swelling for about a week.

Hand Rejuvenation can also be done with a filler such as a filler like Juvederm XC.  Depending on the severity of the wrinkles, the price could be comparable.  However, fat tends to last longer

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