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Fat Transfer in Loveland, CO

Fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is taken from one part of the body and inserted into another.  For example, a patient might take fat from his/her abdomen and have it inserted into his/her face or hands in order to fill and smooth the skin.  It’s generally considered to be safer than other forms of injections and implants, since it uses fat from the patient’s own body as opposed to a foreign substance.  Wrinkles and other signs of aging are reduced, and the patient ends up looking years younger.  The results can be seen almost immediately, and the recovery time is short.  Fat transfer is also widely used to enlarge or enhance breasts and buttocks.

Undergoing a Fat Transfer with Pure Lipo Sculpt Center

When patients in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas turn to Dr. Denzel and the Pure Lipo Sculpt Center team for a fat transfer procedure, they undergo a full initial consultation to determine if they are viable candidates.  Good fat transfer candidates are generally in good overall health, and must have an adequate fat deposit somewhere on their bodies for the procedure to be effective.  The recovery time rarely lasts longer than one to two weeks, and patients report looking several years younger after the procedure is complete.  If you live in Loveland, CO, and would like to learn more about the fat transfer procedure, call our office today.



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