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Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting

fat transfer breast enlargement denver colorado wyoming fort collins noco greeleyDo you ever feel as if you have too much fat in one area of your body, and not enough in another? If you have been considering injectables to eliminate wrinkleson your face and hands, or implants to enlarge your breasts, buttocks, calves or facial cheeks, consider using the fat from your own body. Your own body fat can be injected into your face and body to help take years off your appearance. Pure Lipo Sculpt Center offers fat transfer / fat grafting so that they can help you look younger and feel great.

What Happens During a Fat Transfer Procedure?

fat transfer cheeks facial rejuvenation fort collins denver colorado noco wyomingWhen you arrive for a fat transfer procedure, Dr. Denzel will begin by removing fat from an area such as your abdomen. For large areas such as breast and buttock enlargement, Vaser liposuction would be performed first.  Next, the doctor will inject the fat into the areas of your face that need smoothing. The results are immediate, and your skin will look smoother and fuller.

What Happens After a Fat Transfer Procedure?

fat transfer hand ejuvenation fort collins denver colorado noco wyoming greeleyAs the injection sites heal following the procedure, your results will continue to improve. Fat transfer procedures have long-lasting results, as well as a short recovery period. Doctors recommend refraining from vigorous activities for one to two weeks after the transfer in order to speed healing, after which time you can resume your normal activities.

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