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Dr Denzel Liposuction Reviews and Testimonials

Anonymous: I has SmartLipo done on 4 different areas of my body over the last year and I’ve never been happier! Dr. Denzel and his staff were all great! I was treated like a friend not a customer. The office was clean and the room where he did the procedure overlooks a lake, I felt like I was at a resort. It was cool! SmartLipo was great, I had little downtime and my results are even better then I expected, and I know a huge part of that was Dr. Denzel and his staff. I appreciate all of them and would recommend Pure LipoSculpt to everyone!

K.L Windsor CO: To date, Dr. Denzel has done Liposculpting on my belly, then a year after on my lower back. I could not be more pleased! When I first had my tummy I was a little hesitant. However, I quickly got over that a came back for more. The balance I now have between my belly and flanks (lower back)  is perfect. I have been exercising all my life, but as I got older I could not keep the fat around my mid bay. I still love to work out and actually I’m even more motivated because I feel that I look good and want to maintain all that I have gained. Dr. Denzel and his staff are kind, professional, relaxed and I have recommended them many times and will continue to do so! I love them!

Erin: I love Dr. Denzel. He and his staff are amazing. Coming to see them is always a treat.

Anonymous: I have been seeing Dr. Gregory Denzel for many years now and I am still just as amazed by his hard work and devotion as I was the very first time I saw him. I will NEVER need to go see another doctor again! Thank you for your hard work! Dr. Denzel your the best!

P.P: Hi all! Thanks for your care an hospitality during my recent procedure. I very much appreciated your smiles and your kindness. Also, your professional demeanor.

Pat: It is my birthday today! I can not say enough about my experience and transformation that Dr. Denzel and his staff has been a part of. Your friendliness and willingness to answer my questions is appreciated! It has and I am sure will continue to be positive. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for the improvments this team offers. This is what I want to do when I retire. 01/20/12

Nancy: Thank you all for making this a wonderful experience. Dr. Denzel and every single person in his staff are AMAZING and work well with each other. I have had 3 different procedures throughout the years and not one was close to the comfort, kindness etc. that I have received from this office. I will refer anyone who is looking for improvements to Dr. Denzel and his staff. 03/12/2012

Natalie: Dr. Denzel  is the best! He knows is stuff! Great doctor!

L.R Denver: Dr. Denzel, Thanks a lot! The results are great, I wish i did it a long time ago, of course I could not have expected a more beautiful outcome. My initial appointment with Dr. Denzel was 5 minutes long and right away I knew I was in good hands.

C.C: Dr. D and Staff, This is my second Lipo and wow did it turn out great! I was up and out the next day and forgot I had surgery except for the bruising. Love you guys. I want to work here!

J.G: Dr. Denzel, Always a pleasant experience. You always listen to me, always easy going and always in a great mood. Thank you for making me feel and look my most beautiful! And for always having great deals on Botox, helping me to afford my most beautiful!

E.B: Dr. Denzel & pretty girls, Thank you. God bless you for helping me.

Anonymous: Dear Dr. Denzel, Thank you for helping me achieve one of my goals into loosing tummy fat. I’m looking forward for a love time result! 06/16/2013

Emily & Mark:
Dear Dr. Denzel & his pretty girls, we feel very blessed to have you help. Thank you for being so kind. You are all so talented- God Bless! 11/06/2013

B.M: Amazing as always. Thanks

B.R: LIFESAVER! Dr. Denzel and staff are helpful, kind and efficient. 12/18/2013

S.B: Wonderful Staff! Wonderful Doctor! Thank you for the excellent care!! 3/14/2014

Pure LipoSculpt Center – SmartLipo Review
I told my husband ´this won´t be cheap and it won´t be easy´. Wrong, wrong, wrong. One step in my process was researching Smartlipo, It was not expensive (and I did my homework) and it was easy. I would not hesitate to do it again. What made this procedure work for me was finding the right doctor. Dr. Denzel was my guy! I had such a comfort level with the procedure and the doctor. Dr. Denzel walked me through the entire process counseling me on my diet, my downtime and my aftercare. There is no miracle beauty/body treatment but this is as close as it gets. My experience and my results are phenomenal. Since my procedure, I have talked to other people who have had it done and they felt just as happy about their results.
Written by: J.G.
Date published: 01/02/2013
5 / 5 stars

A.M. Northern Colorado: I felt like I was on a diet for 12 years! It didn´t matter how much I exercised or starved myself, the fat just wouldn´t go away. So, I started researching liposuction and that´s when I discovered Smartlipo. I had my 1st surgery done a year ago (my flanks and arms) and the recovery was so easy I´ve had 2 other areas done. It´s obvious that Dr. Denzel cares about your final result as much as you do and that´s something I like the most about him and his staff. It was a great experience. Actually every day is a great experience because my clothes fit better. I honestly feel more confident. I recommend Dr. Denzel and Smartlipo to everyone, it truly is the best thing I´ve ever done for myself.

A.G. Greeley Colorado: Before my procedure I was very nervous about discomfort during the procedure and afterwards. I thought I was going to be limited in my activities for several days or even miss some work. I was worried about side effects from the medications, bruising and the incisions. The actual procedure, however, was painless and I was back to work the next day. My inner thighs were tender for a few days but it was nothing that slowed me down at all. After one month we did another set of photos and I couldn´t believe the difference with the inner thighs. I now fit into clothes that have been too small for me since I was 18 years old. I love my results. It was worth every penny.

G.G. Colorado: I am so pleased to have found Dr. Denzel for my upkeep. I have had Botox, juvederm and one lipo. I trust his judgement because I never look “overdone”. I will continue to work with Dr. Denzel.

Dr. Denzel has worked on two areas for me. I am so pleased with the results! I have always been healthy and I workout but this has really changed my body. Dr. Denzel has a very artistic eye, whether it’s botox, juvederm or liposculpture. He is professional and he makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend his services!

Jacqueline S. Denver, CO: As a woman with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), it’s very difficult for me to loose weight without adding significant amounts of muscle mass. Since target weight loss is a myth, I was having a very difficult time with changing my problem areas. Additionally, women with PCOS are at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and therefore need to take control of their physical well-being. The liposculpt procedure was a God send and has not only helped my health and outward appearance in a manner that was otherwise nearly impossible, but also my emotional well being. I am more confident and happier with my physical self than I have ever been. Both the procedure and recovery time were quick and relatively painless. I recommend liposculpt to all woen who have problem areas and i recommend the talented and caring Dr. Greg Denzel.

Christine F, Mills, WY: Seriously the best experience ever! They made everything so simple, the consult, the day of my surgery and even my aftercare. I had a wonderful experience. My reults are fantasatic, I had Smartlipo on my saddlebags. I honestly was nervous about getting the procedure done because I had read so many negative things about Smartlipo and so many positive things that I was in the air if I should have this procedure done. When I called the office to ask questions or I emailed I was treated very well, they didnt act like I was bothering them. When I arrived at the office with my husband, they made us both feel comfortable, my husband was able to watch the whole procedure. Their office is very clean, unlike other offices I have read about. I am going back on May 12th for my second procedure and I cant wait. I saw immediate results the first time and I am ready to see what they can do for my stomach, I bet it will be fabulous.

Kary B, Fort Collins, CO: I have had limited personal experience, but so far – Dr. Denzel and staff have been really exceptional.  I appreciate the care and concern I have recieved so far and I know PURE LSC will be my go-to location from now on!

Jack G, Fort Collins, CO: I didn’t know anything about hormone replacement but I’m glad I know now. I feel and look so much better. It’s simple too, replace the hormones in your body that are decreasing with aging and slow the aging process. I sleep better think clearer and look better. Sooo glad I did it. And Greg, the doctor, was cool and lives my same fit lifestyle so it was cool that this guy knew what I was talking about. I’m in good shape but it seemed like I wasn’t seeing the results that I was looking for so this has been cool. I’m happy with it.

Kathie C, Fort Collins, CO: I had lipo on my belly 6 weeks ago and I’m really happy with the results. The staff and Doc were really nice.

Jenny S, Fort Collins, CO: Well cool, I had liposuction done by Dr. Denzel 6 months ago probably because I eat burgers and margaritas all the time! Anyway, he did it to my thighs and I love it so much. He was a super cool guy too!

Karen J, Early,  IA:  I was very curious about botox and juvederm and called for information. The staff was very informative and took the time to answer all my questions. I felt very comfortable with my decision  after meeting with Dr. Denzel and his staff. Juvederm is a great product and would recommend it to one who is interested.

Holly G, Windsor, CO: I love Dr. Denzel and his wonderful staff!  I have been getting Botox from them for a little over a year now and have absolutely loved my results!  I look younger and fresher and of course less wrinkled!  I highly recommend them!

Ally S, Windsor, CO: I had SmartLipo done on 4 different areas of my body over the last year and I’ve never been happier! Dr. Denzel, Amy, Allyson, Shannon and Jennifer were all great! I was treated like a friend not a customer. The office was clean and the room where he did the procedure overlooks a lake, I felt like I was at a resort. It was cool! Smartlipo was great, I had little downtime and my results are even better then I expected, and I know a huge part of that was Dr. Denzel and his staff. I aprreciate all of them and would recommend pure liposculpt to everyone!

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