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Cellulaze in Evans, CO

Cellulite Treatment Evans, CO

Most women develop cellulite, which causes the skin to dimple in the pelvic region, legs, and stomach area. Cellulite is actually a description of the appearance of the skin. Many women do not like the appearance of cellulite and are grateful of the most recently FDA approved treatment, named Cellulaze™.

Residents of Evans, CO, Can Receive Cellulaze™ Treatment

Fiber in the body can cause the skin to pucker. Cellulaze™, a treatment for cellulite, uses a laser to disrupt this fiber, which then destroys fat cells found in the thinned skin to eliminate depressions found in cellulite. Cellulaze™ also has the benefit of stimulating collagen production, which can help make skin thicker and tighter.

Cellulaze™ Services Are Offered at Pure Lipo

The Pure Lipo Sculpt Center offers Cellulaze™ services to residents of Evans, CO. We provide treatments that can complement liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures to help patients achieve the bodies they desire. Residents of Evans, CO, who are tired of having cellulite, should contact Pure Lipo Sculpt Center today to schedule an appointment.



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