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Calf Augmentation / Calf Enlargement

Many patients who have a shrunken calf due to either injury or disease and some to offset the “chicken leg” look, opt to have Calf Augmentation or Calf Enlargement. Dr. Denzel will perform a Calf Augmentation to allow these patients to have similar sized calves. Even though it has never been proven to improve leg function, Calf Augmentation often improves a patient’s psyche by offering a more normal appearance. It can also help body builders who wish to have a smoother and a more perfect appearance.

Unlike implants, Calf Enlargement using fat transfer allows you to return to work immediately, leaves little to no scarring, only minimal discomfort during the procedure and is preformed under a local anesthetic. Best of all, you can return to the gym and your workout regime after only 5-10 days!

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