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At Pure LipoSculpt Center, it’s all about you. We’re here to help residents of Windsor, Fort Collins and Greeley achieve the look you’ve always dreamed about – whether it’s larger, firmer breasts, a more youthful appearance or a body that is free from embarrassing cellulite…

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Dr. Gregory D. Denzel
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Liposuction & Cosmetic Procedures

Our liposuction cosmetic procedures, like Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo can improve your self-esteem, and give you the confidence you deserve through perfecting your appearance, and giving you the body you’ve always dreamed of. We provide a relaxing, stress-free environment for our patients, and use only state-of-the-art, FDA approved equipment for all procedures. At Pure LipoSculpt Center, Dr. Denzel and his team of professionals will bring your cosmetic dreams to life.

Cosmetic Procedures

There is a limit to what simple diet and exercise can do when it comes to sculpting your figure and achieving the body you desire. When diet and exercise cease to give you the results you want, Dr. Denzel--alongside his skilled medical staff--can help. Dr. Denzel at Pure LipoSculpt Center have been assisting people in getting the appearance they long for through providing a significant number of different cosmetic procedures to suit individual needs. Cosmetic procedures such as ThermiRF, Fat Transfer and injectables are generally performed to boost your self-esteem and enhance your overall appearance. Reasons behind choosing a cosmetic procedure include reducing signs of aging, removing skinfolds, Tightening sagging skin and increasing breast size.


Liposuction provides the opportunity to reshape your body, and rid you of stubborn fat that refuses to go away no matter what diet or exercise programs you’ve implemented. Using FDA approved technology; we remove your unwanted fat cells through small incisions. This allows for a quick healing time, and reduces the possibility of any long-term signs of surgery. Pure LipoSculpt Center offers Vaser liposuction and Smart Lipo liposuction, in addition to ThermiRF for skin tightening and Cellulaze cellulite treatment, and will work with you to determine which treatment best fits your needs. All of these treatments are minimally invasive with very little downtime.